Pelleted Feed


Strider® is a low-protein, pelleted grain ration for maintenance and light performance in adult horses fed good quality hay or pasture. Strider® offers a convenient nutritional package for the lifelong enjoyment of pleasure horses.

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Sport Formula®

Sport Formula is a high-fat, low-protein, highly fortified, pelleted grain ration designed to meet the increased energy needs of active performance horses at all levels fed good quality hay and/or pasture. Sport Formula also contains added lysine and yeast culture.

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Trotter® is a complete, pelleted feed designed for horses with limited access to hay or pasture. Trotter® is an ideal feed for stabled horses and horses being transported to hunts or trail events where sufficient hay or pasture may be limited. Trotter® may also be used to supplement high-grain feeds with additional fiber to promote good digestive flow and function while maintaining proper mineral and vitamin nutrition.

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Hunter™ is a high-fat, pelleted grain ration designed for growing horses, active performance horses, breeding stallions, and pregnant and lactating mares. Hunter™ offers an exceptional package for the professional equine operation, providing a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet. Contains added lysine and yeast culture.

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Hay Stretcher

Hay Stretcher is a large pellet with a nutritional profile similar to grass hay, but slightly lower in fiber and higher in energy. It may be used to replace up to half the hay in an animal’s diet on a pound-for-pound basis. It is suitable for horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Hay Stretcher is not fortified with vitamins or trace minerals and should not be used to replace grain in an animal’s diet.

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