Sweet Feed


Rider® is a quality blend of pellets, crimped oats, flaked corn, and flaked barley lightly wrapped in molasses and vegetable oil. With a balance of protein, energy, and fiber, Rider® is ideal for pleasure horses on good quality hay or pasture.

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Charger® is a coarse-textured blend of crimped oats, flaked barley, flaked corn, pellets, and extruded nuggets wrapped in molasses and vegetable oil. Designed for growing horses, performance horses, breeding stallions, and pregnant mares, Charger® provides a high quality, nutritionally balanced diet for the professional equine operation.

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Horse 10

Horse 10 is a low-protein, coarse-textured blend of pellets, cracked corn, flaked corn, and crimped oats wrapped in molasses for mature horses fed high-quality, high-protein hay. Horse 10 provides balanced nutrition with excellent acceptance and palatability.

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