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Goat Feeds:

We can supply the nutrition your goats need for a lifetime of health.


Caprine Challenger

A high-protein, high-energy formulation of crimped oats, flaked and cracked corn, pellets, and molasses. This very palatable coarse-textured sweet feed is a highly fortified, fixed-component formula ideal for dairy goats. It feature chelated trace minerals for increased mineral bioavailability and yeast culture for increased digestibility. 18% Protein  20% Fat  8% Fiber

Meat Goat Grow and Finish DC

A highly fortified, complete medicated feed for growing and finishing goats with Decoquinate for the prevention of coccidiosis.  The fixed-componet formula contains yeast culture for increasing digestibility, ammonium chloride to aid in hte prevention of urinary calculi(crystals), and chelated trace minerals for increased bioavailability to promote muscle tissue and bone growth. Decoquinate has no withdraw period. 16% Protein 4% Fat  16% Fiber

Sheep Feeds:


Formulated for a Lifetime of Health and Performance

Benefits of Blue Seal® Lamb Starter-Grower Pels and Lamb BT Pels Medicated:

  • Fixed Formulation ensures consistency and high quality from bag to bag. This prevents sudden changes in the diet and sustains digestive health and function.
  • Added Vitamin E & Selenium aids in prevention against White Muscle Disease.
  • Ammonium Chloride aids in the prevention of urinary calculi.
  • Increased Levels of Zinc & No Added Copper helps protect against copper toxicity.
  • Yeast Culture promotes healthy functional microbial fermentation.

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