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We carry several different types of food plot seed mixes from the Whitetail Institute.

Alfa-Rack Plus:

A blend of x-9 alfalfa technology plus chicory and  Imperial Whitetail clover.  The deep roots of this mix make it ideal for steep hillsides and light soil.  Provides grazing deer with up to 35% protein compared to 17-24% in agricultural alfalfas.  Exceptionally drought and disease resistent.

Imperial Whitetail Clover:

The product that started the food plot revolution and is still the standard by which other food plot products are judged.  Seven years of research went into this product that is specially designed for deer. Imperial Whitetail clover is a highly selected strain of clovers that will provide optimal nutrition throughout the year for the deer on your property. This clover’s protein (35%) is the highest protein level possible in a clover.

 Imperial Whitetail Extreme:

Have you ever wanted to plant a perennial food plot but your soil pH will not get above 6.0 or your annual rainfall is less than what is needed? Maybe poor soil conditions dictate that you plant an annual or nothing at all; that is until now. Extreme is the first perennial food plot blend that withstands a pH range of 5.4-7.5, requires only a minimum of 16″ of annual rainfall, is heat resistant and cold tolerant and can last 3-5 years with a single planting. Extreme provides a high quality, protein rich food source and best of all deer love it. In fact, Extreme is one of the most attractive food plot plantings ever tested by the Whitetail Institute. The revolutionary design of Extreme makes it the only perennial food plot product versatile enough to be planted in the toughest growing conditions.

Imperial Whitetail Winter Greens:

Some plot plantings become less attractive with cold weather and hard frosts. Others may not lose their allure but, when buried in snow, they require more effort than the deer are willing to expend, especially if there are alternative food sources that require less effort. The Whitetail Institute’s late-season food plot product, Winter-Greens, is the answer to these winter problems. A brassica blend, Winter-Greens is designed specifically to attract deer in late season. Winter-Greens is the most effective late-season food plot product you can plant. Brassicas by nature actually sweeten with a hard frost. To be precise, the first hard frost triggers plant maturity, which in turn results in a sweeter taste. It’s like a banana. When it’s still green, a banana is not very tasty. Once mature or ripe however, a yellow banana is very tasty. The brassicas in Winter-Greens are palatable to deer right away, and they get even tastier after a hard frost. So, while other food plots are becoming less appealing, or are getting eaten down, Winter-Greens is getting better. And don’t think the deer don’t know it!

Imperial Whitetail Double-Cross:

Imperial Whitetail DOUBLE-CROSS is a perennial that combines the Number One food-plot planting in the world, Imperial Whitetail Clover, with the Whitetail Institute’s proven annual brassicas for quick early-season production, fast growth and late-season tonnage! Features…Imperial Whitetail™ Clover & Whitetail Institute forage brassicas • Specially formulated for deer• DOUBLE-CROSS contains fast-growing brassicas for rapid stand establishment• DOUBLE-CROSS is designed for early grazing pressure and all-season attraction• DOUBLE-CROSS provides more tonnage in both the early and late seasons• DOUBLE-CROSS is winter-hardy• DOUBLE-CROSS is an excellent late-season food source• DOUBLE-CROSS provides up to 36% protein year around• Attracts, holds and grows bigger bucks!

Imperial Whitetail Secret Spot:

A 4 lb. bag is all of the seed you need to plant a “personal” (4,500 sq. ft.) food plot around your tree stand. Loaded with a pH booster. Plant late summer/early fall. Requires minimal effort; no tillage necessary. Germinates in less than one week (with adequate moisture). Throw it around and it will grow anywhere.Plant a “personal” food plot around your tree stand

Imperial No-Plow:

No-Plow is an annual seed blend for remote, hard-to-reach areas and designed to give bucks up to 36% antler growing protein. Whether it’s a clearing, logging road, pond dam, fire lane or other areas that are inaccessible to equipment. No-Plow is the perfect easy-to-use annual seed blend that you plant each year. Extremely cold tolerant, heat and disease resisitant and contains Golden Jumpstart for fast growth.

Imperial Whitetail Tall Tine Tubers:

NEW TURNIPS FOR DEER! TALL TINES TUBERS includes the only turnip variety ever developed specifically for whitetail deer food plots. TALL TINES TUBERS includes a new turnip variety never before available as a whitetail forage. The turnip variety in TALL TINES TUBERS is only available in Whitetail Institute forage products. TALL TINES TUBERS is designed to provide deer with not one but TWO FOOD SOURCES for late fall, and lasting through winter in most parts of North America: forage and tubers.

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