National IPA Program

Buy Toro Equipment at 27% off list price!

Toro, an American manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, has partnered with the National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance Company (National IPA) to offer outdoor power equipment to government agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations at significantly reduced prices. 

National IPA negotiates lower prices from manufacturers such as Toro in exchange for purchase volume.  This is somewhat similar to the Pennsylvania COSTARS program, but on a national level.  Many local agencies dislike going through the formal bidding process, and this program alleviates that hassle as well as the associated administrative costs.  Through the National IPA program, purchases of Toro commercial equipment may be made at 27% off of suggested list price.  This allows an agency to purchase below Laney’s normal dealer cost.  Toro then pays Laney’s to set up and deliver the equipment in the form of a rebate. 

To participate in the Natioal IPA program, all that must be done is someone must got to the National IPA website at and sign up to participate.  There is no charge for participation, and many benefits available to participating agencies.  Once an agency is signed up, they are eligible to purchase any Toro commercial equipment at National IPA pricing.

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